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At the last meeting of Liverpool Plains Shire Council’s (LAG) Community Advisory Group (CAG) the representatives from the individual community Local Advisory Groups (LAG) related dismaying stories regarding unreliable mobile phone services and poor response times when reporting outages of landline and internet services to Telstra. They said their communities needed reliable telecommunications for safety reasons, to ensure help can be obtained rapidly for medical emergencies and for individuals and businesses to conduct their normal day to day operations.

Convenor of the Spring Ridge LAG, Vicki Donnelly, said recently, phone/internet services in the area were out for 2 weeks and that while they were down people couldn’t access Wi-Fi assist to boost their already poor mobile phone service. She said one elderly resident had to leave his home to stay with friends during the outage as his mobile service doesn’t work inside his house, he found it difficult to go outside at night and was worried he’d be unable to call an ambulance if required.

“Apart from the inconvenience to individuals, businesses were also greatly affected. Customers could not be contacted; internet banking was unavailable and eftpos couldn’t be used costing the local economy dearly. I personally had to drive 6km towards Quirindi to get enough mobile service on the side of the road to call customers/suppliers, Telstra about the outage and to access emails and internet banking on a laptop.

“What was more galling was the fact that Telstra did not allow individuals to log a general outage meaning each resident was required to report their own problem. Then, technicians were sent out to fix individual phone lines not the problem that the whole village was experiencing. Eventually, through frustration I called the local member Kevin Anderson’s office and amazingly the phones were fixed within an hour of contact. Why couldn’t Telstra fix the problem in an hour based on reports from the community instead of putting us through all this inconvenience and cost,” Vicki said.  

Mike Lomax, Werris Creek LAG convenor, said the area had issues with mobile phones coverage over the Christmas/New Year period and there had been specific reports of landline outages which also take out the Internet connection.

“In one case, a 92 year old man who relies solely on landline for outgoing calls was told it could be 2 weeks before his landline was repaired. Action only took place after a visit to the Telstra Business Centre in Tamworth. When they were told it was required in need of a medical emergency the line was repaired in 24 hours. In another case, it took 2 weeks for an aged person with dementia to get their line fixed. Many people also have complaints about download speeds,” Mike said.

Regarding the Blackville area LAG convenor Richard Burns said mobile phone coverage in the area is unreliable at best. He said there are numerous black spots where no coverage is available at any time and other areas where service is at best intermittent. 

“The community feels a repeater tower, or a booster of some sort would be a huge help, primarily for safety reasons but also because local primary producers now operate in a global market and need to be able to access information and transact business quickly and reliably.  

“Granted, we are a relatively isolated community but is it too much to expect, in this modern age, telecommunications that let us do what we need to do on par with other parts of Australia and the world,” Richard said.      

LPSC Mayor, Councillor Andrew Hope, said on an almost daily basis he heard stories of problems regarding telecommunications’ services, or in some cases lack thereof, and it was time the companies responsible paid more than lip service to people’s concerns and lifted their game to better meet the community’s expectations

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In another act of generosity to our community during the drought crisis, the Rotary Club of Quirindi has received funds from Concord Rotary to subsidise the cost of tickets for anyone wishing to attend Melinda Schneider’s Great Women of Country show on Friday 22 March, at the Royal Theatre Quirindi, commencing at 7.30pm.

“This is another of those acts of kindness our community has been shown and is very much appreciated. This means a ticket to the show will now cost people just $20 and will allow people to take a little time out from day to day pressures,” said LPSC Mayor, Councillor Andrew Hope.

“In addition, thanks to the generosity of Killara Feedlot, who will provide the meat, there will be a free BBQ, provided by Rotary, commencing at 6.30pm,” he said.

Councillor Hope said that people who have already paid for tickets online, on presenting their ticket on the night, will be refunded what they paid in excess of $20.

Tickets for this show are now available online at Further details can be found on Royal Theatre, Quirindi’s website and Facebook page.

“Rotary and Council would like to see people come along, enjoy a relaxing, sociable night and escape the pressures that are taking their toll right across our Shire for a few hours. On behalf of the community I say thank you Rotary,” Councillor Hope concluded.

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The Liverpool Plains Shire community are the beneficiaries of yet another drought assistance initiative of Sister City, Blacktown City, sponsored by the Greater Blacktown Business Chamber and paid for by the Kids West charitable foundation.

Mr Trevor Oldfield, President of the Greater Blacktown Business Chamber and CEO of the Kids West Foundation presented the Shire with a reverse osmosis desalination unit. The unit is conservatively valued at $120,000 and can treat up to 75,000 litres per day. The unit, manufactured in Melbourne, has been established at Quirindi Airport as a pilot installation to provide stock water and other miscellaneous drought related uses. 

“This is another wonderful gesture from the Blacktown City community, additional to the ongoing drought support we’ve received from them like their donation of Christmas gifts for local kids, a water tanker and donations from other organisations and individuals to the local drought assistance appeal,” said LPSC Mayor, Councillor Andrew Hope.

“Initially, people wanting to access water will have to ring Council on 6746 1755 to make arrangements,” he said.

“The installation at the Airport is a pilot project until we gain experience with the system and then decide where it should be permanently located to provide maximum benefit to our community,” he continued.

“Again, on behalf of the LPS community and its Council, our heartfelt thanks for this latest generous gesture is extended to those involved. The kindness and support of the Blacktown City community, their Council, their Business Chamber and Kids West has greatly lifted our morale during the drought crisis and reflects the strength of the Sister City relationship, between our diverse communities, which we deeply appreciate,” Councillor Hope concluded.

Sister city Generosity Sister city Generosity 2 Sister city Generosity 3

Standing outside the container housing the reverse osmosis desalination unit are LPSC Deputy Mayor, Paul Moules, Mayor Andrew Hope, Trevor Oldfield President of the Greater Blacktown Business Chamber and CEO of the Kids West Foundation, LPSC Councillors Ian Lobsey, Doug Hawkins and GM Ron van Katwyk.

LPSC Mayor, Councillor Andrew Hope personally thanks Trevor Oldfield after inspecting the unit, which is housed in a 6 metre container. It is a self-powered, automated self-reliant instillation and includes an 8kVa Gen Set, located within a soundproofed room. During the treatment process brine is removed to a special storage tank.

A Rydo London taxi came along to the presentation ceremony! Rydo are a major supporter of the Kids West charitable foundation providing a $1 donation to their drought assistance fund for each $30 or more fare booked. Pictured with the cab are LPSC Mayor Andrew Hope, Councillor Doug Hawkins, Ian Martin-Brown who is a corporate consultant associated with Kids West and Trevor Oldfield. 

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According to Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) Mayor, Councillor Andrew Hope, it is a truism to say that cultural and entertainment events build community both socially and economically and he said it is worth highlighting the extent and mix of events that are being held in the Shire in coming weeks and months and to encourage the community to patronise them.

“Some events are organised by Council, others by local communities and organisations and others eventuate from entertainers and theatre groups showing in the Shire. Overall, they provide a something for everyone and strengthen our community fabric,” he said.

Timetable of events through March;

March 2 - Quirindi Military Tattoo a free event at Longfield Park with food and market stalls plus jumping castle between 3 and 7pm, the Military Tattoo commencing at 7.30pm with a fireworks display to follow.

March 4 and 18 - Winanga-Li Bubs and Bumps Group. At the Ingall Centre, Quirindi Health One, 50 Nowland Street, from 10.30am to 12.30. Morning Tea provided. This is a free service transport is available. Contact: Renee Houldsworth on 0402 086 444

March 8 - International Women’s Day event from 6.30pm at the Royal Theatre – Entry $5pp with tickets available online at or from Council’s Customer Service Desk.

March 9 - Quirindi Aero-Club Fly-in, a monthly event that kicks off at 8.30am at Quirindi Airport. $10 per person, includes BBQ

March 9 – Quota Markets held second Saturday each month. Fresh produce, arts and crafts, local honey, cakes and more. Rose Lee Park, Loder Street Quirindi. Contact Mary Roberts on 0400 339 127.

March 15 and 16 – Quirindi Rotary are supporting a visit by the Men’s Health Education Van both day’s between 10am and 4pm both days at the old Bogas site in George St Quirindi. It’s a free service so get a check-up.    

March 22 – Royal Theatre 7.30pm, the talented, multi award winning Melinda Schneider will share the songs of Great Women of Country during a two hour show. Tickets at

March 22 to 24 - New England Bikers Pig ‘n Pines Run 2019. An annual, family friendly event at Spring Ridge Recreation Ground where New England Bikers get together with the local community to to raise funds for the Kids with Cancer Foundation.  

March 24 - Quirindi Sporting Clay Target Club (on Gaspard Road) Monthly Shoot - Gaspard Road. If you haven't got a shooting license, call John Hoskins on 0428 461 187, to arrange a trial shoot. For further enquiries please ring Jo on 0488 911 698.

March 24 – Quota Markets. Fresh produce, arts and crafts, local honey, cakes and more! The markets are on Saturday morning at Rose Lee Park, Loder Street Quirindi. Contact Mary Roberts on 0400 339 127.

March 24 – Quirindi Rural Heritage Village Miniature Railway (4th Sunday of each month). 10am to 2pm. The Rural Heritage Village itself is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.   

March 27 - Premer Field Day at Clyde Purkiss Oval. Trophy presentations and usual events except where impacted by drought. The day includes the Grand Final of the Premer Twilight Cricket Competition commencing at 3pm. Contacts - Phil Whillock 0427 476 217 or Simon Thompson 0427 476 228.

March 30 – Royal Theatre Matinee show 2.30pm. The multi-award winning family show KAPUT will melt hearts of all ages, as it already has on stages around the world, with its glorious brand of slapstick, acrobatics and total silliness. Tickets at

Councillor Hope said that additionally the Rail Journey’s Museum at Werris Creek is open 7 days a week, 10am to 4pm, with entry by gold coin donation. He said there are regular movie sessions at the Royal Theatre and details can be found on their website and looking ahead into April, Keven Bloody Wilson is bringing his F.U.P.C. World Tour to the Royal on the 6th and tickets can be book via   

“I’m very proud of our community organisations and their volunteers as well as LPSC’s Community Events team for their efforts in bringing these various events to the Shire. I encourage organisations to claim the date and publicise their events by emailing details to so Council can publicise them,” Councillor Hope concluded

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Tickets, at $5 per person, are now available for the 2019 Liverpool Plains Shire International Women’s Day event to be held on Friday 8 March, from 6.30pm, at the Royal Theatre in Quirindi.

Tickets are available online at The ticket provides entry, a free drink at the bar, a grab-n-graze plate, the night’s speakers plus the opportunity to enjoy a night with like minded people and network.

The evening will feature three guest speakers. Keiren Jacobs is a born and bred country girl, growing up on her family’s sheep and cattle property on the Liverpool Plains. Keiren was the Quirindi Showgirl in 2009, is currently employed by Essential Energy as the Engineering and Technical Manager for Transmission Services and Mum to two boys aged 2 and 4. Sarah Walsh is the creator of Urban Vogue Day Spa in Tamworth. She has studied a bachelor in arts and health science, a diploma in remedial massage specialising in pregnancy and sports rehab plus courses in dermal, beauty and spa therapy and utilised these skills travelling the world. The MC and guest speaker is Sally-Anne Whitten, singer/songwriter and broadcaster. These three guest speakers are intelligent, articulate women who will inspire attendees with their stories and determination to succeed in their fields.

The LPS International Women’s Day event is always popular so those desiring to attend are encouraged to purchase their ticket as soon as possible.

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Drought conditions impact heavily on primary production and an unfortunate side effect is an increased risk of new and existing weeds being introduced in fodder such as hay, grain or cottonseed imported from other parts of NSW and interstate.

Liverpool Plains Shire Council Authorized Biosecurity Weeds Officer, Michael Whitney, said that as feed supplies continue to become scarce and more expensive, farmers desperate to feed hungry stock are looking further afield to secure drought fodder.

“With the importation of feed from outside the region the risk of new weeds being spread throughout the Shire increases. The increased movement of hay particularly poorer quality stubble and pasture from south east Queensland dramatically increases the chance of weeds such as Parthenium entering NSW,” he said.

Michael pointed out that the Biosecurity Act 2015 is quite specific regarding vendors and purchasers’ obligations when selling, purchasing and transporting fodder within NSW and from interstate. He said under the Act’s regulations the fodder industry is largely to be managed through the general biosecurity duty (GBD) where everyone has a duty to minimise the impact and risk of weeds.

“For example, a seller of fodder cannot knowingly spread weeds. The seller should also disclose if a weed may be present in the fodder and advise the buyer how to treat the product to ensure that any germinated weed seeds are unviable.

“The buyer on the other hand has an obligation to be vigilant and treat the weed should they germinate. Importantly the Regulation notes that the buyer should consider that the movement of fodder onto their property increases the risk of transferring weeds and pests and ensure that this is mitigated by purchasing from a reliable source. It is the buyer’s choice whether to ask for a vendor declaration detailing the likelihood of weed contamination and what weeds to look for,” he continued.

Michael highlights the importance of ensuring vehicles and equipment carrying fodder are cleaned before entering a property to reduce the spread of pests, diseases, weeds and contaminants. He said it is important to remember that land managers are within their rights to request this and they should not allow any vehicles on to their property that represent an unreasonable risk.

“Producers can also reduce the risk of new weed incursions by feeding in areas that can be easily identified and monitored for new weeds following the drought. He said it is also important to keep livestock brought in from other areas yarded until they empty out to reduce weeds spreading because plants such as Tropical Soda Apple may be transported in the guts of animals, spreading once those animals are released onto new country.

“It is recognised that in these trying times producers are being forced to be less selective as feed continues to become scarcer. At the same time, it must be kept in mind that new incursions of weeds such as Parthenium could have a serious effect on farm biosecurity and the wider environment long after the drought has broken,” he said.

For further information on weeds and the new Biosecurity Act, contact NSW DPI on 1800 680 244, North West Local Lands Service on 1300 795 299 or me on 0427 961 980,” he concluded. 

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Nikki said this event has for a number of years provided a great opportunity to promote what LPS has to offer tourism wise, to a targeted audience.

Newcastle Caravan and Camping Show 2019“It is pleasing to note the awareness by attendees of what we offer increasing year by year. The Newcastle region is only a couple of hours drive from the Shire making us a perfect destination for people wishing to spend a weekend camping and looking around,” Nikki said.

“Many spoke about their positive experiences staying at the Wallabadah Freedom Camping area and their intention to return. We told them about our other camping grounds also being options. Attendees also spoke to us about enjoying their time visiting the Rail Journeys Museum at Werris Creek, the views from Who’d-a-thought-it lookout, Bob’s Shed and the Quirindi Heritage Village. Others mentioned the feeling of real rural Australia they experienced driving from Premer and Spring Ridge to Quirindi,” she said.

“The important thing is people have enjoyed and are talking about these experiences. There is no doubt that word of mouth endorsement is one of the best promotions for our area when they share those experiences with friends and other RVers and travellers,” she continued.

“I’d ask everyone to keep in mind we all have a role to play in making visitors feel welcome, so they want to come back, share more time with us and pass their good experiences on to others,” Nikki concluded.

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According to Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) Mayor, Councillor Andrew Hope, there are many grant/funding streams available that can benefit individuals, families, organisations and businesses, with positive flow-on to the wider community, if people just know where to look for them.

Councillor Hope said two such opportunities that had come to Council’s attention are;

  • Wellbeing Grants Available to Drought Affected Communities - Grants of up $50,000 are available for community led activities that build resilience during the drought. Activities can be anything from small one off social events – a movie night in the local hall, or longer term events that promote resilience, health and wellbeing, for example yoga or exercise classes over a few months in the local hall. Organisations can apply on behalf of a community. You just need to have an ABN to apply. You also need to submit a simple budget for your activity/event. Grants will be assessed, and you will hear back within 10 working days. There are three levels of grant available, up to $11,000, between $11,000 and $33,000 and between $33,000 and $55,000. To find out more go to
  • Creative and Active Kids - Creative Kids vouchers are available for school-aged children, 4.5 to 18 years old, to get involved in creative and cultural activities.  Parents, guardians and carers can claim a $100 voucher per year to put towards the cost of lessons and fees with registered providers. Go to to learn more.

“LPSC provides a free email advice service where residents and organisations can receive updates when Council becomes aware of opportunities on offer. Send a request to to be put on the list,” Councillor Hope said.

“If you make a grant/funding application ensure you effectively address the selection criteria by demonstrating yours or your organisation’s ability to deliver and respond to issues in the community, as well as supporting evidence to demonstrate capabilities, past performance, and benefits that will flow from funding. Further guidance on how to prepare a grant application and effectively address selection criteria can be found online at,” Councillor Hope concluded.

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Bookings are now open for two exciting and entertaining shows coming to the Royal Theatre Quirindi in March.

The talented, multi award winning Melinda Schneider will share the songs of Great Women of Country during a two hour show on Friday 22 March, commencing at 7.30pm. Early bird tickets for this show are available online at

On Saturday 30 March, the multi-award winning family show KAPUT will melt hearts of all ages, as it already has on stages around the world, with its glorious brand of slapstick, acrobatics and total silliness during a matinee show from 2pm. Pre-sale tickets at a discount price can be made at

Melinda Schneider has had a hugely successful solo career, with 10 albums to her credit, several going gold, has won 6 Golden Guitars including Female Vocalist of the Year and APRA Song of the Year. She also proudly boasts a swag of song writing and Entertainer of the Year awards.

Melinda Schneider has been touring this show, garnering great critical acclaim on the way;

When she sings ballads, she has the power to make you cry – Sydney Arts Guide

My goodness does Melinda Schneider shine! – Inside Entertainment

Schneider performs with infectious warmth and enthusiasm and is in wonderful voice – Sunday Telegraph

Tom Flanagan’s solo show KAPUT opened in 2012 to a premier sold-out season at the Adelaide Fringe Festival in the Garden of Unearthly Delights, where it was nominated for Best Circus and Physical Theatre. It then went on to receive critical acclaim at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where the show won Mervyn Stutter's Spirit of the Fringe Award and was listed by the Scotsman as one of the top 5 comedy shows at the festival. Since then, Tom’s silent slapstick acrobatic comedy has toured four continents, won countless awards and collected fans from 5 to 95 years old.

KAPUT just reaches in and puts a string of coloured lights around your heart. Were some gifted comedy scientists able to inject
the spirit of Norman Wisdom into a young Paul Nicholas, they would create something very similar to Tom Flanagan
- The Scotsman

Tom Flanagan is a hugely talented physical performer… - The West Australian

Watching this hilariously adept performer fighting the forces of chaos was a treat - Sydney Morning Herald

“LPSC is committed to attracting a diverse and entertaining selection of events to the Shire and is proud to partner with Melinda Schneider and Tom Flanagan to make their shows possible. Council encourages the wider community to support fine, Australian talent when it visits us,” LPSC Community Events Officer, Andrew Ballard, said.

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The Liverpool Plains Shire will host a number of events during the NSW Seniors Festival, which is being held from Wednesday 13 to Sunday 24 February. Activities are open to all Senior residents of the Shire.

“The theme for 2019 is Love Your Life. Our Seniors are an extremely important part of our community making substantial contributions and Council would love them to come along and laugh, socialise and celebrate everything about being a senior in our Shire,” said LPSC Mayor, Councillor Andrew Hope.

Full events program and all you need to know;

  • Thursday 14 February - OPENING EVENT AND MOVIE MATTINEE - $5pp - at Royal Theatre, Quirindi commencing at 10am with the official morning tea welcome to the Seniors Festival. A new release movie will commence around 11am, followed by a finger food lunch, fruit and cheese platters providing the opportunity to meet new people, make new friends, mingle, catch up and Love Your Life. A free bus will depart Werris Creek at 9.30am. To arrange free transport from other areas of the Shire, please call 6746 4545.

  • Tuesday 19 February - HEARTMOVES CLASS, PLAINS FITNESS QUIRINDI – Free - Commences at 11.30am. Come along and get your heart moving with this low impact exercise program. The session will be followed with some light refreshments and fresh fruit.

  • Tuesday 19 February – TECH CONNECT FOR SENIORS AT WERRIS CREEK LIBRARY – Free – From 10am - the chance to update skills with a one on one 30 minute session. Numbers are limited and bookings are essential. Call into the library or phone 6768 7340 to reserve a slot.

  • Wednesday 20 February - MORNING TEA TRIVIA AT QUIRINDI LIBRARY – Free - Commences at 10am – a fun morning filled with interesting facts, prizes and morning tea provided.

  • Friday 22 February - WHAT’S FOR LUNCH? MYSTERY TRIP - $30pp – Bus will depart Willow Tree VIC at 9.15am, Quirindi Railway Square at 9.30am, and Werris Creek Post Office at 9.45am. Anyone wishing to attend from Currabubula, Wallabadah or other areas in the Shire, please contact Quirindi HSS 6746 4545 or Werris Creek HSS 6768 7505.

  • Please note, additional care may not be available at all functions. If you require extra support, please include a carer in all your bookings.

  • Flyers with full details and booking forms are available at Council’s Customer Service Desk, Werris Creek and Quirindi Home Support Services, Willow Tree VIC, both libraries and Plains Fitness.

  • SENIORS FESTIVAL RAFFLE – Tickets $1 – Available at Customer Service Desk and the Home Support Services’ offices. Prize 1; 6 months free movies for 2 people at the Royal Theatre, Prize 2; $50 voucher for Currabubula Hotel, Prize 3; $50 voucher Quirindi Pharmacy. Prizes will be drawn on the mystery lunch tour.

  • All enquiries and bookings should be directed, except if otherwise indicated, to either Quirindi HSS 6746 4545 or Werris Creek HSS 6768 7505.

“We look forward to as many Seniors as possible participating in these events. I also urge younger community members to reflect upon the massive contribution Seniors make and to celebrate their role in our society,” Councillor Hope concluded.

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With both State and Federal elections ahead of us, Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) is calling on all candidates to pledge to increase support for vital local projects and to provide for important community services.

At an extra-ordinary meeting of Council, it was determined that the Mayor use every opportunity between now and the election to lobby for, and seek support for, the following key local issues;

  • Quipolly Water Project – additional funding in view of the changes to the water quality standard.
  • Rail overpass south of Werris Creek.
  • Realignment of Gap Road, Werris Creek.
  • Royalties for Regions – fair share of mining contributions for local projects.
  • Better funding for libraries, health care and Home Support Services with less cost shifting to Local Government.
  • Rate pegging relief to allow Councils to address the infrastructure backlog.

“These are all important projects towards building local economic growth or issues that impact Council’s ability to provide the services the community demands. The list includes projects that the community, through the consultation process, has deemed to be essential,” LPSC Mayor, Councillor Andrew Hope said.

“LPSC is grateful for both State and Federal funding that has flowed to important local projects over the last couple of years, however, if economic development is to continue successfully, it is vital that support continues, following the elections, to allow us to continue to build on the work to date,” Councillor Hope concluded.

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Liverpool Plains Shire celebrated Australia Day and the contribution of community members at the official Awards Ceremony held at the Royal Theatre Quirindi.

Nominations for awards are submitted by community members. Winners of the Shire’s Australia Day Awards are:

  • Citizen of the Year - Kim Lawlor
  • Young Citizen of the Year - Nicholas Hamblin
  • Marie Maunder Community Service Award - Werris Creek War Memorial Swimming Pool 50 year Anniversary Committee
  • Local Legend - Ken Cronin
  • Emergency Services Community Award – Toby Dewick
  • Sportsperson of the Year – Anna Smith
  • Junior Sportsperson of the Year - Annabelle Avard

Australia day awards 2019

Picture 1 - (L – R) Mr Pavan Singh and Miss Avalina Singh, Ms Nevenka Jovanovic, Mrs Hannah Hatfield and Miss Katherine Endicott were welcomed as citizens of Australia.

Picture 2 - Ambassador Josephine Peter and Mayor Andrew Hope

Picture 3 - (L – R) LPSC Deputy Mayor Paul Moules, GM Ron Van Katwyk and Mayor Andrew Hope congratulate John Reilly (centre) and present him with his special award. Bruce Gowing was unable to attend the ceremony

Picture 4 - Winners are grinners at the LPS Australia Day Awards


Australia Day Ambassador Josephine Peter, her daughter Professor Dimity Peter, LPSC Mayor Councillor Andrew Hope, Deputy Mayor, Councillor Paul Moules, Councillor Ian Lobsey OAM, Councillor Doug Hawkins OAM, Councillor Ken Cudmore, Councillor Virginia Black, and LPSC GM Ron Van Katwyk comprised the official party and Jason Allen delivered the Welcome to Country.

Apologies were received from Councillor Rob Webster, Barnaby Joyce MP, Michael Johnsen MP and Kevin Anderson MP.

Mayor Hope welcomed the guests, nominees and community members to the event and highlighted the fact that the day marks 70 years since the Nationality and Citizenship Act 1948 came into effect. Councillor Hope then introduced Australia Day Ambassador Josephine Peter who presented an interesting account of her seven decades of volunteering which saw her recognised as the NSW Local Hero of the Year in 2017. Ms Peter also shared some interesting stories about the history of her hometown, Broken Hill, and its mining industry plus highlighting the satisfaction that volunteering brings.

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Clean Up Australia’s Business Clean Up Day is being held on Tuesday 26 February and Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) is supporting the initiative and encouraging the Shire’s businesses, be they on the main street of town, in the industrial estates or a rural location to take a few moments to consider the benefits of supporting this initiative.

Street Sweeper Sarv Taylor“During this event we’re requesting businesses to consider the little things they can do, simple things like being aware of the build-up of litter in their immediate vicinity and the benefits to the whole community of maintaining and cleaning up the frontages of their sites to help improve amenity and the attractiveness of our towns to the tourist trade we are endeavouring to attract as a way of stimulating the local economy.

“By participating in a Business Clean Up, you can do your bit to promote a clean, healthy and sustainable environment. It's also an excellent way to be seen as a community leader as well as engaging with your staff, customers and your community,” said LPSC’s Manager Regulatory and Property Services, Steve Ryder.

“Businesses are encouraged to get on board the Clean Up Australia Business Campaign. Go to for more details of how you can play your part. Additionally, Council would like you to register your interest with us by sending us an email to with the subject heading Attn – Clean Up Australia Playing Our Part, so we can highlight your commitment to the wider community and keep you informed as the project is rolled out,” he said.

“Business Clean Up Day is a good way to draw attention to the need for all of us to consider our obligations to our families, our community, future generations and the environment. When we also consider the ever increasing cost of waste management, plus other economic factors, it is obvious that caring about our environment and how we protect it is something we all need to play a part in all year round.

“In recent years, State and Federal Government have imposed many additional environmental requirements. It is expected that these will be further tightened to address the problems the nation as whole faces in dealing with waste management and these will add to the costs that local government and ratepayers face in meeting them. The Shire’s waste generation is projected to grow from 5,751 tonnes per annum in financial year 2017 to 9,427 tonnes by 2027. These figures highlight the need for the whole community to be more aware of the need to improve recycling rates to prevent unnecessary items ending up in landfill,” he continued.

“LPSC is currently implementing a Waste Management Strategy designed to better manage our waste streams, focusing on the key areas of resource recovery, and advanced waste treatment and management methods, aimed at having our Shire ready to meet these challenges and their financial implications. We will continue to inform the community on this issue to ensure everyone is aware of the part they need to play to ensure successful outcomes.             

“We do request that when anyone involves themselves in clean-up efforts they are always mindful of safety first, particularly ensuring they don’t put themselves or others at risk with special attention to road and footpath safety. If you need advice you can call me on 6746 1755 during business hours,” Steve said.

“These initiatives all revolve around caring for our environment, both now and for our kids and grandkids into the future. All of us have a role to play. A small effort by many can help us achieve the outcomes the wider community rightly demand,” Steve concluded.

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Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) has welcomed Ian George to the position of Economic Development Officer. Ian has in excess of 20 years’ experience in the media sector, and carries with him specific expertise in the sales, digital Ian Georgecommunications/transformation sphere. Ian has also previously been a board member of Development Corporations.

“LPSC has identified local economic development (LED) as a prominent tool towards facilitating the growth of the local region. Community building, strengthening of local partnerships, building our tourism potential and encouraging new industries to the Shire are key planks of our Economic Development Strategy and Ian will play a vital role in achieving our goals,” said LPSC Mayor, Councillor Andrew Hope.

“Ian has a mixed background based around agriculture and media. Growing up he was associated with his family’s mixed farming properties and he’s spent 24 years with Rural Press/Fairfax Media based in Dubbo and Tamworth. He brings great expertise in sales, marketing, public relations, change management as well as business and economic growth to our Shire,” he said.

“Additionally, he was a director of Dubbo City Development Corporation, the main driver of that city’s economic development,” he continued.

“Ian is looking forward to getting into his new role. He will combine, marshal and promote a variety of physical, human, political, environmental, economic and cultural capabilities and endowments to benefit our Shire. Please welcome him into our community as he takes on this massive task,” Councillor Hope concluded.

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 The 2019 nominees for the Liverpool Plains Shire Australia Day Awards will be recognised and category winners revealed at the Official Shire Ceremony being held at The Royal Theatre, on Saturday 26 January, commencing 10.30am. Mayor, Councillor Andrew Hope is encouraging community members to attend saying, “there are dozens of unsung heroes in our Shire, whose commitment and dedication make a significant, positive difference to someone else’s life and Australia Day is provides the opportunity to recognise and thank some of them.

Nominations submitted by the community for the various awards are;

  • Citizen of the Year - Colleen Wills, Kim Lawlor and Sue Cudmore
  • Young Citizen of the Year - Josh Redgrove, Nicholas Hamblin and Tahlia Carroll
  • Local Legend - Peter Jenkins, Ken Cronin, Ray Lamb, Sandra Thompson and James White
  • Junior Sportsperson of the Year - Caitlyn Etheridge, Emily Walmsley, Faith Green, Annabelle Avard and Sam Avard
  • Marie Maunder Community Service Award - Dianne Dillon, Colleen Wills, Kay Devine, Wendy Upperton, Mary Roberts and the Werris Creek War Memorial Swimming Pool 50yr Anniversary Committee
  • Emergency Services Community Award – Toby Dewick, Ken Thornton, Greg Gillies and Ross Dalton

“Congratulations to all the nominees. You have been nominated by your fellow community members as deserving of acknowledgment and public recognition for your contribution donating something of yourself to help and contribute to the betterment of others,” Councillor Hope said.  

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Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) Mayor, Councillor Andrew Hope, is inviting and encouraging all Shire residents to participate in the various events that are being held to mark Australia Day 2019.

The Shire’s Australia Day Program for 2019 is:

  • 10.30am (Thursday 24th) - Quirindi CWA Australia Day Concert at Quirindi RSL Club.
  • 10.30am (Saturday 26th) – Quirindi – The Presentation of the Liverpool Plains Shire Australia Day Awards at the Royal Theatre Quirindi. Five local people will be awarded their Australian Citizenship. The Shire’s Australia Day Ambassador Ms Josephine Peter will be special guest. Community members are encouraged to attend.
  • From 10.00am (Saturday 26th) - Warrah Creek Australia Day and Annual 20/20 Cricket Match at Warrah Creek Hall and Recreation Centre followed by the lunch, Official Australia Day Ceremony as well as fun and games for young and old.
  • 6.30pm – Werris Creek (Saturday 26th) – Australia Day Celebrations with BBQ dinner, fun games and fantastic fireworks to finish the night. Unless inclement weather dictates otherwise, the fireworks won’t commence before 8.30pm.  
  • ALL DAY (Saturday 26th) – Quirindi and Werris Creek pools will be open FREE OF CHARGE for all patrons. Normal opening times apply. Quirindi pool will have the inflatable obstacle feature at a cost of $5.00 per person for unlimited rides between 1 and 3pm.
  • “The theme for 2019 is Everyone, every story and it encourages people to mark Australia Day in a way that reflects their own Australian story, whether that be as an Indigenous Australian, as a newly immigrated Australian or as an Australian-born citizen,” Councillor Hope said.

"Im looking forward to hearing the Shire’s Australia Day Ambassador, Ms Josephine Peter, share her Australian story with us at the Awards Ceremony. Josephine was named the 2017 NSW state-wide Local Hero and has been a life-long volunteer. Commencing during WWII, at age 7, she knitted 450 pair of socks for Australian troops, starting her lifetime of dedication to others. She is generously volunteering her time to be with us on January 26,” he said.

The Shire’s celebration has something for all ages, be it the official ceremony at the Royal Theatre, to which I encourage the community to come along and recognise those nominated for their contribution to making the Shire a better place to live, or the events at Warrah and Werris Creek.

Additionally, there is free entry to the pools at Werris Creek and Quirindi and the inflatable obstacle feature will be at Quirindi between 1 and 3pm, costing $5 per person for unlimited use during this time,” he continued. show the rest of Australia how great the LPS community is and how important being Australian is to us all,” Councillor Hope concluded.

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Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) is inviting the community to have a say and assist informing the LP Recreation Strategy that is currently being developed. Shire residents, from all communities, are encouraged to be part of the process by completing a survey. Feedback will provide a shared and clearly defined vision for the improvement of sport and active recreation within the LPS and help Council determine priorities for allocating budget and resources to support and encourage participation in these areas.

The survey will take approximately 10 – 15 minutes to complete and can be accessed at For those wishing to complete a paper copy of the survey, they are available at Council’s Administration Centre, Quirindi and Werris Creek Libraries, Plains Fitness, Werris Creek/Quirindi Aquatic Centres and the Visitor Information Centre Willow Tree or call the Customer Service Desk on 6746 1755 to have a PDF version emailed out. Completed paper surveys can be handed in at all these locations or posted to LPSC PO Box 152, Quirindi 2343.

“To ensure the Strategy accurately reflects the needs of the community, we need to gather information from as many residents as possible. Participation in active sport and recreation are important ingredients in the Shire’s social fabric and your contribution will assist Council to support participation by even more people,” said LPSC Mayor, Councillor Andrew Hope.

“The Strategy is a community document and Council has engaged ROSS Planning, specialist sport and recreation planners to assist. The Strategy also includes strategic master planning of Quirindi’s Longfield Oval Precinct as well as the Racecourse and Showground Precinct.

“ROSS Planning have recently been in contact with Shire sporting clubs to seek their input via a specific survey for organisations. If your club hasn’t assisted the process to date please go to and please complete as soon as possible,” he continued.   

If you’d prefer talking to someone to complete the survey, please contact Dion, Helen or Carly at ROSS Planning on (07) 3901 0730 or email This is a great opportunity for all community members to help develop a strategy that will benefit many in the important area of sport and recreation into the future,” Councillor Hope concluded.

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Following a report from the General Manager, Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) has noted and accepted the relative progress made during the first quarter of the 2018/19 financial year.

“Section 405 of the Local Government Act requires Council to adopt a yearly Operational Plan. This plan details the activities to be engaged in by Council during the financial year as part of the delivery program set out for that period. The Delivery Program 2017-2021 can be found on Council’s website at as can the Operational Plan 2018-19,” said LPSC GM, Ron van Katwyk.

“The report comments on the status of LPSC’s Operational Plan at the end of the first quarter and the extent to which the performance targets have been achieved.

“Being the first quarter report of the Operational Plan’s rollout, many of its targets require ongoing action. Progress is subject to adequate staff resources being available and no additional, unexpected workloads or disruptive climatic events occurring,” he said.

“The quarterly budget review statements assist Council in meeting its charter with regard to its finances and related responsibilities in respect of its management plan/operational plan. The 13 page report covers the social, governance, environmental and economic roll out of the Operational Plan. It can be found in November’s Business Paper at and is available for perusal at the Administration Centre,” Mr Van Katwyk concluded.

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Ms Josephine Peter, who was named as NSW Local Hero in 2017, has been named as the Liverpool Plains Shire’s Australia Day Ambassador for 2019. Ms Peter will be the special guest, on January 26, at the Liverpool Plains Shire Australia Day Awards Ceremony at the Royal Theatre, Quirindi commencing at 10.30am, and other events around the Shire.

“Following a year when I’ve been overcome many times by the efforts and generosity of local volunteers, as well as support from all over Australia during the drought crisis, I think it’s great we have as an Ambassador someone who has dedicated most of her life to helping others.

“Josephine’s been a stalwart on parents’ committees and arts societies. She sat on the board of Broken Hill’s Robinson College for 25 years, has been a volunteer tutor for more than a decade and for the past 34 years she has been a Broken Hill tour guide. She’s listened to people’s problems as a telephone counsellor, supported Rotary, the VIEW Club, Probus, the Smith Family, and the women’s flying doctors,” said LPSC Mayor, Councillor Andrew Hope.

“I look forward to welcoming her to LPS and her sharing part of her story with us on Australia Day,” he said.



Ms Peter’s seven decades of life-long service through volunteering commenced at age 7 when she knitted her first pair of socks for Australia’s troops. Over the course of World War II, Josephine made 450 pairs of socks, starting her lifetime of dedication to others.

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On behalf of the Liverpool Plains Shire community, LPSC Mayor, Councillor Andrew Hope, is thanking the people of Blacktown City, their Council, the Lady Mayoress’ Christmas appeal, Kids Far West, Mt Druitt Seniors and the Greater Blacktown Business 

Thanks Blacktown

Chamber for the generosity they showed at Christmas. He said, together they provided thousands of dollars’ worth of presents for Shire children, books, hampers and donations. “These were distributed at the LP Business Chamber’s Christmas on the Plains event as well as to other areas in the Shire with help from Werris Creek CWA getting it to smaller communities. After the tough times many faced as the drought bit harder these wonderful gestures were a great boost to morale,” he continued.

“The response and support from people all over Australia with drought assistance has been extraordinary but none more so than the people of our Sister City, Blacktown City. On top of their effort at Christmas they have been assisting in many ways providing a water tanker, expertise to prepare the plans for the Quirindi Library Precinct redevelopment, the cultural experience of Hangi in the Country and in many other ways,” he said

“Many firm friendships have been forged through this relationship and the LP community is grateful for the support offered and bonds forged. Thank you, Blacktown,” he continued.

“It takes a lot of organisation to undertake an appeal such as the one Blacktown did to assist our people and lift our spirits at Christmas. Along with the President of Liverpool Plains Business Chamber we acknowledge, with special thanks, BCC Mayor Stephen Bali, his wife Anne who drives the annual Christmas gift collection initative, CEO Greater Blacktown Business Chamber Trevor Oldfield, President Mount Druitt Seniors Geoff Owen and BCC Events Coordinator and Sister City Project Manager Greg McCallum,” Councillor Hope concluded.

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