Turn off the taps: Water Night to focus our minds on water use

Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) is encouraging water consumers to participate in a water awareness initiative, Water Night, on Thursday 22 October 2020, during National Water Week. The challenge is to not use taps, showers and running water for the night, instead making do with one bucket of water only, from 5pm to 5am. Use of water for hand hygiene and religious reasons is exempt.Water Night

The aim of the event is to get all households to sign up to Water Night to practice water mindfulness and being self-aware when reaching for the tap. If we all discover just how often we reach for our taps and how subconsciously we do it, we can gain a whole new perspective on how we use and save water now and in future. Register now to participate in Water Night at  https://waternight.com.au/#register.

By limiting the use of taps for one night we can start the journey of valuing water more. The campaign doesn’t mean you can’t use any water on the night as water is such an essential resource. The caveats to this challenge are that participants are allowed to fill up bottles for drinking, to use the toilet, a half flush is encouraged, and to use water to clean hands, which is crucial in ensuring COVID-safe practices. Find out how to remain COVID-safe through this fact sheet - https://smart-approved-watermark-2-prd.s3.amazonaws.com/media/dd/documents/Water_Night_covid19_facsheet.a09e428.pdf.

Research shows that a quarter of Australians don’t know how water arrives at their taps, 45% of them say they don’t think about using it. Water Night is designed to make people more aware of their usage, that flushing the toilet uses 4.5 litres, brushing teeth uses 7.5 litres, a full load of a dishwasher uses 20 litres, a shower uses 90 litres and a full bath 300 litres, a load of laundry uses 50 to 150 litres, a dripping tap wastes 12,000 litres a year, a leaking toilet uses 96,000 litres a year and filling a backyard pool requires around 42,000 litres. You can find quick and easy tips to save water at www.waternight.com.au.

The research further revealed that water is taken for granted and subconsciously used and that water behaviours are deeply habitual and have not improved in the last decade. This situation can improve, and consumers can save money if households become more water use conscious and use it efficiently by understanding the household water cycle, inspiring conscious use through experience and respecting the growing value of water.

Water Night is a collaboration between LPSC and the Australian Water Association.

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