Introduction of Level 1 water conservation measures at Werris Creek

Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) is requesting Werris Creek residents to cooperate in reducing water use during the current heat wave, with Level 1 water restrictions to be implemented from Wednesday 23 January. Level 1 Measures include: Sprinkler use limited to 2 hours per day, wash down of hard/paved surfaces by high pressure hose only, permits required to fill pools over 2,000L.

“This is a Demand Management response – not a Drought Management response. Current weather conditions are causing water demand in excess of the capacity of the current Werris Creek Water Treatment Plant (WCWTP),” said LPSC Water Services Manager, Rod Batterham.

“The current WCWTP is battling to treat enough water to match the volume being drawn by consumers during the extreme heat conditions, in particular because of the challenge of having to deal with algae blooms associated with the hot conditions present at the Quipolly Dam,” he said.

Quipolly Dam is sitting at 50% capacity. The Drought Management response for Level 1 Water Conservation Measures is triggered when the dam level falls to 44%. At the current rate of consumption, this is forecast to occur in mid-March if we don’t get decent rainfall over the catchment in the meantime.

“Consumers connected to all the Shire’s supplies are requested to be mindful of water consumption and assist conservation measures through responsible usage during extreme heat events, particularly avoiding watering of gardens during the heat of the day,” he continued.  

“Council is monitoring the water level in all the Shire’s Water Supplies and further implementation of Water Conservation Measures is likely in the coming weeks if conditions prevail,” he said.

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